Useful Information

General Information and Useful Telephone Numbers

Some Information About the Island

The island of Capri, Italy has a total area of 10 square kilometers and two municipalities: Capri, population 7,292 and Anacapri, population 6,733.
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Tourist Information Offices

There are three tourist information offices in Capri, two of which are managed by the Travel and Tourist Bureau of the Island of Capri, and the third by the City of Capri:

  • InfoPoint - CIty of Capri, Marina Grande at the entrance to the port - (open only in summer)
  • Tourist Office Marina Grande, Marina Grance along the port waterfront - Tel. 081 8370686
  • Tourist Office Centro, Piazza Umberto I - Tel. 081 8370686

Getting Around the Island

From the Marina Grande port to Capri town center - The funicular is the fastest and most convenient way to reach the center of Capri from the port. Routes depart every 15 minutes and the trip takes 4 minutes. Tickets: EUR 2.00. Otherwise, there are two bus companies which offer routes to the center.
More information about getting around Capri

From Capri to Anacapri - The bus terminal is just a few meters from the central Piazzetta. From here, buses depart for Anacapri, Marina Piccola, and Marina Grande. Routes to Anacapri depart every 15 minutes and the trip takes 10 minutes. Tickets: EUR 2.00.

Restaurant Hours in Capri

During the summer months, restaurants keep the following schedule:

  • Lunch: 12:30 pm to 3 pm
  • Dinner: 7:30 pm to 11 pm

Many restaurants close from the beginning of November to Easter

Shop Hours in Capri

From Easter to the beginning of November, shops are open from 10 am to 8:30 pm
From the beginning of November to Easter, shops are open from 10 am to 1:30 pm and from 4 pm to 7:30 pm

Banks and ATM Machines

There are a number of banks in the center of Capri near the Piazzetta, all of which have ATM machines. Almost all businesses on Capri accept credit cards.

Public Restrooms

There are public restrooms in Marina Grande (Largo Fontana), in the Piazzetta (Via Acquaviva), and near the Gardens of Augustus. There is a charge of 50 cents to use the public restrooms.

Luggage Deposit

There is a staffed luggage deposit where you can check your bags in Marina Grande, and two others in the center of Capri next to the bus terminal and near the Funicular.

Emergency Numbers

Emergency room and ambulance: 118
Capilupi Hospital: Via Provinciale Anacapri, Tel. 081 8381111
Medical Assistance (nights and holidays): Piazza Umberto I, 9 Capri Tel. 081 8375716 - 081 8381238

Other Useful Numbers

Capri City Hall : piazza Umberto I, 9 - tel. 081 8386111
Municipal Police: piazza Umberto I, 9 - tel. 081 8386203 - Marina Grande: Piazza Vittoria tel. 081 8386223
Lost and Found: c/o Comune di Capri - Piazza Umberto I - tel. 081 8386203
Police Station: via Roma, 70 - tel. 081 8374211 - 113
Carabinieri: via P.le Marina Grande, 42 - tel. 081 8370000 / 112
Tax Police: via Marina Grande, 256 - tel. 081 8370604
Customs: molo del Porto di Marina Grande - tel. 081 8376728 - Fax 081 8374635
Fire Station: via prov. Marina Grande, 37 - tel. 081 8389523